How To Build Muscles Faster Naturally And Effective

Yes, you too can build muscles faster naturally

Often when we see the big guys working out in the gym, we start to think about what type of diet they are having. We think about their workout regimen, etc. Some of us even take it a couple of steps further and start to wonder what kind of steroids are they using?

Is it really possible to build lean muscles faster naturally? Is it possible without using anabolic steroids or other performance enhancement drugs?

Well, the truth about muscle building is that you can probably build muscles faster naturally at a faster pace than what you are doing now. And, you can also do it without getting started using steroids what so ever.

In this article, I am going to help you get started. I will give you a couple of tips; you should use together with your workout. Doing so and I assure you that you will see some better muscle building results a lot faster than what you see now.

Maintain Consistency

One of the most critical factors is muscle building is that you maintain consistency and keep going to the gym. Don’t skip out because you have an appointment or because of a friend’s birthday. If you want results, you need to work around these issues and keep showing up in the gym.

Create A Workout Plan That Fit Into Your Life

To be able to maintain a workout consistency, it is import that you create a workout plan. How many times during the week are you going to work out, and for how long? Does your life fit into this schedule, or are there any chances that you might end up skipping out on your workouts?

When setting up your workout plan, you must be realistic. If you work 80 hours a week, you are not going to make it in the gym for 2 hours each day, six days a week. At least not in the long run. Then it is better to plan to go to the gym three times a week for an hour.

If You Have The Time

On the other hand, if you only work for 20 hours a week and do nothing else, then this is the golden opportunity to set up a schedule where you work out harder for some time.

If you know, something will come up later, like more work. Then you can set a deadline where you have to set up a new schedule for your training sessions.

Set Up A Specific Training Routine

Some guys like to do a full-body. Others want to do a split routine. To be honest, it depends on how much time you got and what you feel most comfortable with. Most important is to get the job done.

Pay Attention To Your Diet

You diet is important when building muscles faster

One of the reasons why many guys are not able to build lean muscles faster all naturally is because their diet is scrap. It is not going to do you any good if you eat pizzas and burgers seven days a week.

You need healthy foods containing lots of proteins, carbs, and healthy fats.

I know cooking is not exactly the thing that a lot of guys want to spend their time on. But, you don’t have to spend hours preparing your meals. Again some planning can be useful, like making your meals in advance and then put them in the freezer, so you have food ready for the week.

Clean Eating Will Cut Your Cooking Time

Also remember, when you eat clean, and only the nutrients your body requirements, it is going to take you less time preparing your meals. It really is not that difficult to cook some rice and vegetables and grill some chicken fillet.

It may not be as delicious as getting your meal at a restaurant, but it is highly functional.


Supplements to help you build muscles faster

Using the right supplements can be a great help to give you some good results. Get started to use the bad ones, and you may risk severe side effects that can give you issues later in life.

I know that for many, using steroids may sound tempting. It gives you a fast track to bigger muscles, so you too can end up being that big guy in the gym we talked about in the beginning.

But, using steroids and you will risk severe side effects. It can be issues such as aggressiveness, oily skin, and acne. But, this is not all. You may also risk more severe side effects such as testicular shrinkage and the destruction of your reproductive system.

Honestly, risking these types of side effects are simply not worth it.

What To Do Instead

To build muscles faster naturally, you can stick to all-natural supplements that can be a great help to you. A good muscle building supplement is not the overall solution to your muscle-building issues. They are a supplement you can use to improve your weak spots.

The Essence Of Supplements: Whey Protein

Let’s say you have issues getting enough proteins from your diet. Here the right solution is to get a fasting actin whey protein supplement that you can take a right after your workout.

If Your Muscle Respond Is Low

Another issue you are dealing with can be how your muscles respond to your diet and workouts? Here, you can consider using a supplement like D Bal that will improve your nitrogen retention and protein synthesis.

First, it means improving your uptake of nutrients into your muscles. Second, it also means that your muscles become better at taking up and use the amino acids you are feeding them with.

If You Lack Endurance And Performance

Another issue a lot of guys are dealing with is that they run out of steam after lifting weights for 10-minutes. When you want to build lean muscles faster naturally, it is not a condition you want to deal with.

For sure, you can grab a cup of coffee, but I also suggest that you do something about your levels of anaerobic energy. It is the power you have available within your muscles, a skill you use to lift weights for a long as possible.

To improve your energy levels, a supplement like Trenorol can be a great choice. It will improve your energy levels more long-lasting than a cop of coffee so you will be able to improve your fitness level.

If You Have Too Much Fast Hiding Your Muscles

The final issue you may be dealing with when trying to build lean muscles faster is that your fat levels are going sky-high when building lean muscles.

I know you may be feeling like the king of the mountain, gaining all that extra weight. But how much of it is really pure muscles and not fat?

Remember, what we want is the perfect physique. We want a muscular body with as little body fat as possible.

To help you out on this matter, you can use a supplement like Crazybulk Winsol. It is a fat burner that will improve your muscle definition and help you get rid of the body fat hiding your muscles.


So remember, you don’t have to turn into illegal steroids just because you want to build muscles faster naturally. It is all about making changes to your mindset, your workouts, and your diets. When you have done that, you can then consider using a supplement or two to help you to take care of eventual weak spots you might be dealing with.

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Build Lean Muscles And Cut Body Fat All At Once! Is It Possible?

5 Tips To Get Your Testosterone, Libido, And Stamina Back Up


Build Lean Muscles And Cut Body Fat All At Once! Is It Possible?

build lean muscle cut body fat

Is it possible to build lean muscles and cut body fat at the same time?

Or do I have to do the classic bulking and cutting cycles to get the results I want?

These are two questions a lot of guys and girls are asking when they want to build lean muscles and shred off body fat.

In this article, we are going to give you the answer, and how you too can build lean muscles and cut body fat all at once.

So let’s get started.

How To Build Lean Muscles And Cut Body Fat All At Once

First of all, if you have no issues gaining a layer of body fat around the holidays, I do not recommend you to go on an extreme bulking diet. But if you are a true ectomorph, a skinny person who cannot gain weight, you should go on a strict bulking diet, eating whatever you want to eat.

For the rest of us when you want to build lean muscles and cut body fat at the same time, you should aim to eat between 500 and 100 calories above your daily calorie requirements. These must be spread out on all your meals to keep things in balance.

What To Eat

what to eat

As we already mentioned, make sure to keep your calorie intake around 500 to 1000 calories above your daily requirements. If you feel you are starting to build up body fat, you should cut some of the calories you are having.


Make sure to get plenty of proteins. Get them from sources such as eggs, fish, chicken, and lean meat. Keep your protein between 30 and 40 grams in each of your meals.

If you find that difficult, then get a protein supplement to make it easier.


Unless you are doing a keto diet, it is essential that you keep your fat intake relatively low. Make sure you are getting your fat from sources such as avocado, fish, nuts, and vegetables. However, it is ok to get some animal fat from red meat a couple of times during the week as well.


When I want to build muscles and cut body fat at the same time, I pay close attention to your intake of carbohydrates. I am not avoiding them entirely because some of them are a good source of energy.

First, get most of your carbohydrates at the beginning of the day. It means to get them for breakfast in the form of berries, fruit, and oatmeal.

Later during the day, you can have some potatoes or rice to prepare yourself for your workout coming up then during the day.

In the evening I recommend you to stick to vegetables and meat, nothing else. That way you will not have any extra carbohydrates that will be stored as body fat during the night.

Instead, you will be burning body fat and still feel full and satisfied.

How To Train

One thing is how to eat when you want to build lean muscles and cut body fat at the same time. Another issue is how to train.

To build lean muscles and cut body fat, I recommend you to do a split routine where you train different muscle groups on different days. Doing so and you will be able to target your muscles harder and still give them plenty of rest.

I also recommend you to go relatively heavy on the weights, meaning keeping a rep range between 12 and six reps and with four sets of each exercise.

To avoid any body fat build up and to get rid of fat you have stored on your body; I highly recommend you to do between 20 and 30 minutes of cardio after your weight lifting session. It is essential you do it after and not before.

After all, you don’t wanna waste your energy on cardio when you can use it on building lean muscles.

Pro Tip!

What I recommend you to do, after your weight lifting and before your cardio session, is to get a protein shake so that you can start your muscle recovery. Drink it slowly while you are on the treadmill so you will not end up vomiting.

Supplements That Will Make It Easier To Build Lean Muscles And Cut Body Fat

Supplements for lean muscles

Supplements are not the overall solution but can be a great help to improve your fat burn and give you faster results.

For Women

For women, who want to add some extra muscles, and cut body fat without looking for muscular bulky, I recommend a supplement like PhenQ weight loss. It is a 5 in 1 fat burner, that can help you suppress your appetite, improve fat burn, and to raise your metabolism.

For Men

Men can benefit a lot from using PhenQ as well, but if you are more serious about your muscle building you need a different approach. Here I advise you to use a supplement like HGH X2 from Crazybulk.

It mimics the effects of Human Growth Hormone, and can expertly help you build lean muscles and cut body fat all at ones. You can find more information about it at this link

For Keto Dieters

If you are into keto dieting and you are using this approach to build lean muscles and cut body fat, it will be all about staying in ketosis as much as possible. To do so, you can use a supplement like Alka Tone Keto. It contains BHB salts that will make your keto diet easier.

Final Word How To Build Lean Muscles And Cut Body Fat All At Once

So yes, it is possible to build lean muscles and cut body fat at the same time. You just have to raise your calorie intake a little and make sure to get plenty of proteins. After that, you make sure to go relatively heavy with the weights and combine it with a 20 to 30 minutes cardio session after each workout.

Other Articles

If you are into keto dieting, you probably need a little inspiration regarding your breakfast. You can get it in our article Keto Diet Plan Breakfast Ideas For a Faster Weight Loss.

If you are a man who feels your libido and stamina is going down the drain, we have an easy solution for you in our article 5 Tips To Get Your Testosterone, Libido, And Stamina Back Up

Earlier we mentioned a weight loss supplement that especially women will benefit from when they want to build muscles and cut body fat. If you are living abroad, you must know that PhenQ Mexico is now available. It means you will be able to benefit from this supplement also if you live part-time there or are vacationing.

Keto Diet Plan Breakfast Ideas For a Faster Weight Loss

Keto Diet breakfast

Are you practicing Keto diet plan nowadays? Trying to find some Keto diet breakfast ideas to prepare? Hmm … that sounds intriguing as there’s absolutely nothing better than knowing what to prepare very first thing in the morning while on Keto.

If you are a devoted fan of Keto diet plan and in some way wish to attempt a new taste on your breakfast while practicing Keto, below are some Keto diet breakfast ideas you may be interested in. Just consider the following and have a fun time preparing for your new, interesting Keto diet plan breakfast.

Keto Breakfast Cereals

If you are one of them, just note that there are a number of cereals out there in the market today designed especially for your Keto diet breakfast. One of the most marketed is the Keto Morning Start Cereals that are generally crispy flakes mixed with the dieters’ preferred breakfast tastes of blueberry, banana, and almond. These Keto diet plan breakfast cereals are deemed perfect for the Keto dieters since they contain no sugar and no trans-fats.

Low Carb Pancake Mix from Carbolite

This Keto diet plan breakfast mix is readily available in some grocery stores nowadays and the preparation for this is simply easy. With that, you can enjoy a hot breakfast in less than 4 minutes. This Keto diet plan breakfast item is high in protein and comes with a fantastic taste.

Fruits Spread from Keto

So you enjoy consuming low carb bread for breakfast. Why not attempt the fruit spreads out from Keto? The Keto fruits spreads are in fact made imported from New Zealand. They are prepared from tasty tastes and handcrafted in kettle-stirred and small jars. The fruits used for this Keto diet plan breakfast concept are hand-selected ripe and plump. They are sliced and squashed into sucralose and thick sweetened low carbohydrate syrup to please every Keto dieter’s appetite. What makes this product perfect for your Keto diet breakfast is that it only consists of 2 grams of carbohydrates per tablespoon serving. You can enjoy this low carbohydrate syrup with your low carbohydrate bread, pancakes, or muffins.

Other Products Available

There are several other products out there like Keto Body Tone on the marketplace that are prepared specially for your Keto diet breakfast. So if you want some more, note that you can access a variety of Keto diet plan breakfast ideas on magazines, books and online. Start your search and enjoy your meal.

Looking for some Keto diet plan breakfast ideas to prepare? If you are one of them, simply keep in mind that there are a number of cereals out there in the market today created especially for your Keto diet plan breakfast. These Keto diet plan breakfast cereals are deemed ideal for the Keto dieters because they consist of no sugar and no trans-fats. The fruits utilized for this Keto diet plan breakfast idea are hand-picked ripe and plump. If you want some more, note that you can access a number of Keto diet breakfast ideas on magazines, books and online.

If you are worried about getting too many calories with your keto diet breakfast? You can combine the Keto Body Tone pills with a Keto friendly protein powder! It is a great way to lower your carbs and increase your protein intake.


Keep in mind, a Keto Diet pills free trial is available if you just want to try it out.

5 Tips To Get Your Testosterone, Libido And Stamina Back Up

improve testosterone, libido, and stamina

It is not always an easy task of getting older as a man. Not only do you have to work hard to maintain your focus on your job. At the same time, you have to be a caring husband and father for your family. For sure it is an honor and something we men like doing. But it does take a lot of efforts and levels of energy the older we are getting.

When we reach a certain age, around 30 or 35 or natural levels of testosterone will start to drop. It will have a negative impact on your libido, and stamina, meaning things that was easy for you while you were younger starts to become quite a hassle. And, it doesn’t make it easier that our responsibilities normally are increasing with age.

The truth is that it shouldn’t be like this and you can actually do a lot yourself to prevent this lack of stamina. In the following, I am going to give you 5 pieces of advice that will help you to increase your levels of testosterone so you can get your libido and stamina back.

Get Started In a Gym!

I know, it may not be something you really want, but getting started in a gym to build lean muscles will do you very good speaking of higher levels of testosterone. If you find it unheard of, to see yourself standing there lifting weights? Then try to think differently! I am pretty sure there is something you like doing, like playing, walking, or gardening! What if you went to the gym with the purpose of improving your skills? Like improving your swing in golf or become a better runner?

If you have a different purpose, it may all become a lot easier.

Get Proteins With All Your Meals

A typical diet for most men is typically a couple of coffees in the morning. Nothing to eat until 1 pm. Then perhaps some snacks during the afternoon because someone brought some cake at work. Finally, you will have your dinner at 9 pm in the evening!

Do you recognize this? It is not the best way to eat. First, you must have a good healthy breakfast in the morning. After that a good lunch and a good dinner. In between, you should have 1 or 2 healthy snacks like some fruit. On top of that you must be sure to get some proteins with as many meals as possible.

Proteins are great when your body must regenerate new cellular tissues, to build lean muscles and to produce testosterone.

Get Some Eggs For Breakfast

Eggs are not just eggs! For a long time, we have been taught that we should leave out the yolk and stick to the whites. But it is not a good idea. Whole eggs contain so many good nutrients, in the form of zinc, proteins, minerals, and good LDL cholesterol. All ingredients will help your body to produce more testosterone.

Use Supplements

Supplements will not fix all your stamina and libido problems all at once. But they are can be very helpful if you want to speed up the process and by giving your body some micronutrients to speed up your testosterone production.

There are mainly two supplements here that are handy, Viasil and Vixea Man Plus. Both are so-called testosterone boosters that come with a unique set of ingredients like Horny Goat Weed and L-Arginine. These ingredients will not only help you to improve your levels of testosterone, but they will also help you get better erections.

Avoid Stress And Get A Good Nights Sleep

There is nothing worse than stress and not getting enough sleep. It will completely drain you from what you have left of libido and stamina. It is why it is important that you are getting the sleep your body needs. It is typically somewhere between 7 and 10 hours. The figure out the hours you need, try to go to bed early and wake up in the morning without an alarm. Do it for a week, calculate the numbers and find the average. It is the amount of sleep you will need.

When it comes to stress, one of the best methods is to spend 20 minutes daily on meditation. Give your mind a little rest in the middle of the day.

Doing so will make it a lot easier to deal with the stress you are struggling with daily.

Final Word

There are a lot more things you can do to get your libido, and stamina back. But get started doing these 5 as a starting point. It will not take a great effort. Later you can find some more tips and expand.